noun: unit
plural noun: units

  1. an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form as individual component of a larger or more complex whole.
  2. a device that has a specified function, especially on forming part of a complex mechanism.


business process consulting

“Business Process optimization to improve your business performance”

business process consulting

“Business Process optimization to improve your business performance”

Business Process Management is an approach which we adopt so as to efficiently optimize the business processes of your organization so that it may become more effective and capable of adapting to an ever-changing business environment, and thus resulting in increased gains in productivity whilst at the same time also reducing costs and human error.
A further approach, is that of Business Process Re-engineering, where we start with a blank slate and then proceed to create all of your requisite business processes. In addition, by mapping the business processes in the right tools, we enable quick and efficient process monitoring so as to identify any issues that may arise in process performance or execution.
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application development

“Custom made applications that suits your business needs”

Application Development

“Custom made applications that suit your business needs”

By being able to attend to and process manage each step of the application lifecycle, we are able to ensure that the application matches your specific business requirements. The choice of RAD tools, that best suit and support the requirements which are specific to the application, will shorten the timeline to delivery and will enable a 360 degree view of the development of the application and its live monitoring.
The use of Agile Methodologies for development is a logic choice as it enables the end-users to be brought into the development process of the application so that they can be part of the team, and so as to ensure that we are completely aligned with your requirements.
As user acceptance is a key factor for success, we always seek to ensure that we have a good UI and UX aligned with IT best practices.
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unitBPS is a tool for large scale process automation. Created to address all types of processes and it enables business users to model and deploy standard processes without IT.

Built with OutSystems, allows the definition, execution and management of hundreds of different processes and it gets them mobile. Really Fast.

Key benefits
• Deploy processes without IT
• Out-of-the-box workflow templates
• Ready to use in less than four-weeks
• Same platform for all types of processes
• Android/iOS Mobile App



unitBIN is a solution that enables and automates data archiving processes in OutSystems solutions.

It provides an easy-to-use interface where you can define rules and control execution.

Key benefits
• Non-technical user interface
• Rule based archiving
• History data access
• Audit log